Working area - 90х60cm
Engraving - up to 2000 mm/sec
Cutting - up to 680 mm/sec
Working acceleration - 5G
Engraving resolution - 4000 dpi
Laser power 80W, 100W
AL-IN-ONE design
WiFi,  LAN and USB connection

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The new Mira was was build on 10 years  of experience and customer feedback. Finally we found the world’s most effective, economic and user friendly laser machine.


Working area: 90x60 cm.

Equipped with 80W Glass Tube which can be

changed with 100W or 130W for more power

and 30W or 50W RF for faster engraving.

ConfigurationКонфигурация MIRA 9
Working area
900 х 600 mm
Z axe  travels
200 mm
Engraving speed
up to 2000 mm/s
Cutting speed
up to 680 mm/s
Laser power
Max. cutting thickness
15 mm acrylic
Engraving resolution
Power supply
220V ±10% 50Hz
Accuracy 0.01mm
Supported software
CorelDraw, AutoCad,Illustrator , AutoCad etc.
Supported file formats
Rotary engraving
Yes with optional rotary device
Communication port
Navigation LCD display with sensor buttons
Auto focus, air pump, chiller, fan, Red dot pointer, honeycomb work table, blade working table
Laser tube life
10 000 working hours
Weight 160 kg
Dimensions 1300mm*1010mm*485mm


When you want a premium machine but have limited space then you need the Mira 9. Offering a larger work table and deeper Z depth than Mira+, its for clients who need a bit more working space. Full functionality, sleek design at a sensible price its the worlds most desirable desktop laser engraving machine.


With this machine you can cut and engrave materials way faster than its competitors.

Suitable materials for cutting and engraving are:

Acrylic, MDF, Wood. Plastic, Fabric, Leather.

You can also engrave Glass and Stone (granite, marble)

It is not suitable for engraving or cutting any kind of metals.


Feats and features.


Clean Pack Design

The most common problem of laser machines are dust, smoke and dirt particles. They can make the machine work slower and you results will be very poor. CleanPack design protects all of its sensitive optical and mechanical parts and gives you perfect results, high speed work and long life of the components.

All in One Design

All of the laser machines need exhaust fan, cooling system and air compressor. The new MIRA has all this features inside the machine. You can plug your machine into an outlet without any additional unit and start working immediately. This ensures maximum efficiency in minimum space.

Aeon ProSMART Software

You can quickly start using Aeon Mira thanks to an easy, professional interface program that can be learned in a short time. You can easily process the vector drawings you have obtained from the leading design programs (AUTOCAD, CORELDRAW, ADOBE ILLUSTRATOR ETC.).

Effective Table Concept

Aeon Mira has a 100mm moving table. The height of the lift table allows you to place thicker materials in the machine.

Faster Than Others

The new MIRA series are designed for maximum efficiency. With the high speed digital step motors, Taiwan made linear guides, Japanese bearings and maximum speed design it will go up to 1.5 meters/second engraving speed, 500 mm/second cutting speed with 5G acceleration. The best choice in the market.